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1-1 EM solenoid metering pump

Capacity to 20l/h(50Hz or 60Hz); Pump pressure to 1Mpa; Pump head material can be in PVC, PVDF, SS304, SS316. Motor can be in 50Hz/60Hz, Manual Adjustment type.

EM solenoid metering pump

EM dosing pump is a kind of solenoid driven diaphragm metering pump.
SIKOPUMP is a professional solenoid diaphragm metering pump supplier and manufacturer in China.
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Brief Technical Characteristics

  • Flowrate up to 20L/H (50Hz or 60Hz).
  • Pressure up to 10 bar.
  • Rated flow from 10% to 100% stroke.
  • Maximum temperature of liquid: 60℃.
  • Intelligent display provided.
  • Flow adjustment manually.

Features & Benefits

  • Wear-free solenoid driving without bearing, economical and overload proof.
  • Compact modular design, liquid end, drive parts, electronic board are easy for replacement.
  • Simple adjustment of metering capacity via on-line stoke rate and stoke length.
  • Intelligent display showing the stroke speed in percentage.
  • Check valve assemblies are with two balls, easy for replacement.
  • Solid PTFE Diaphragm for superior chemical handling.
  • Optional liquid-end material to maximize the lift of the pump: PVC, PVDF, SS304 and SS316.
  • AC 100V to 240V (+/- 10%), single phase, 50Hz or 60Hz motor, IP55 or IP65, Class F.
  • Necessary accessories package provided free of charge.
  • Low cost and easy operation.

Flow Adjustment

The EM solenoid metering pump can be adjusted by the stroke speed and stroke length.
The EM pump adjustment is in manual type. If remote control type requested, please refer to ES type solenoid diaphragm dosing pump.
Refer to EM diaphragm metering pump manual for the flow adjustment operation details.

Pump Accessories Provided & Spare Parts Suggested.

For all EM solenoid  dosing pump supplied by SIKOPUMP,
Pump accessories package can be provided free of charge, which including:

High-quality PE hose, standard 3m;
Injection valve;
Foot valve with filter;
Ceramic weight.

metering pump accessories

Spare parts suggested:
2 pcs of diaphragm, 1 sets of inlet/outlet valve set, 2 pcs of seal for each EM dosing pump.

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solenoid metering pump material

Pump head material example picture:
solenoid metering pump head material

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EM solenoid metering pump parameter

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