Other chemical pump

5-1 QBY air diaphragm pump

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump (AODD Pump), max flow to 275gmp(1041lpm), max pressure to 120psi(8.4bar), pump body material, Aluminum alloy, cast steel, SS304, PP, PVDF. Pump diaphragm material, PTFE and Santoprene.

5-2 MP-R magnetic drive pump

small power Mag-drive centrifugal pump, max flow to 380L/min, max head 22m, pump body material Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene, power to 2.2kw, single/three phase, 50Hz/60Hz, Similar to IWAKI pump. CE certificated.

5-3 DP mini diaphragm pump

DP mini DC motor diaprhagm pump, max capacity to 13L/min, max pressure 150PSI, motor in 12V or 24V, brushless DC motor. with Built-in pressure switch. CE certificated.

5-4 Bellows dosing pump

DZ DS DNZ bellows dosing pump max capacity to 1900mL/min(50HZ), 2280ml/min, max pressure 0.8bar, motor in 220V/sinlge phase/50Hz or 60Hz, power within 30w, self-priming 50 to 100cm, CE certificated.