Application for metering pump

The most common applications the metering pumps are in the chemical, water, food processing, and other industries where precise flow rate is essential. This includes tasks such as the chemical treatment of water in boilers for use in cooling towers, or when working potable water. Other applications include operations such as wastewater treatment, for the blending of liquids in food processing plants, to reduce frictional losses when moving oil or liquid natural gas in pipelines, and many others.

Chemical Industry
Accuracy, flexibility and performance for the industry’s harshest chemical processes.
The chemical industry is focused on the synthesis of finished or intermediate products. In chemical processing, the toxic nature of fluids, combined with numerous temperature and pressure variations during production requires metering pumps, packages, and mixing technology that is safe, adaptable and highly-reliable.

General Industry
Pumps, Mixers, and Systems.
SIKOPUMP provides solutions for almost all industries that process, produce and prepare end products. Our experience and the reliability of our technology is unmatched with a proven track record. We have the largest and most comprehensive selection of metering pump technology to accurately control chemical dosing. Along with in-house applications expertise, we can select and customize the right technology for your process-related applications.

Industrial Wastewater
Maximize uptime, minimize maintenance costs while complying with wastewater treatment and disposal regulations.
Industrial wastewater must be treated efficiently, cost-effectively and within the appropriate quality standards. That’s why SIKOPUMP has metering pump and agitation solutions that assist in the necessary, proper disposal of wastewater.

Municipal Water and Waste Treatment
Delivering safe water purification, efficient waste treatment, and lower life-cycle costs.
Municipalities must provide safe potable water and effectively dispose of wastewater while complying with regulatory requirements. In addition, they want to ensure efficient, cost-effective operations with minimal downtime.

Oil & Gas
SIKOPUMP’s customized solutions maximize oil & gas production, and safely process refined product.
SIKOPUMP has decades and hundreds of thousands of installations within the oil and gas industry. From upstream to downstream and offshore to onshore, our metering pumps, packages, and mixers provide accurate chemical injection and precise agitation to meet your application requirements.

Maximize your production uptime with metering pumps and packages.
Petrochemicals are the feedstock for polymers, solvents, detergents, adhesives, plastics, lubricants, and other materials. Chemical plants produce this feedstock by fluid catalytic cracking of petroleum fractures. This processing requires numerous chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors, emulsion breakers, oxygen scavengers, and many more.

Power Generation
Efficient designs for maximum uptime
Cooling and boiler water treatment is one of the most critical areas because a failure will directly affect power generation. Proper chemical treatment assures maximum uptime of cooling towers and boilers thus reducing operational costs and assuring the process is optimized.