Metering Pump Accessories

7-1. Metering pump stroke controller

D-stroke digital stroke controller, Adjustment range: 0 to 100%, 14-20mA/RS485 signal control, Input signal: 4-20mA (impedance 120Ω), Output signal: 4-20mA (impedance 100-150Ω)

7-2. Milton Roy E-stroker

E-stroke digital stroke controller, Adjustment range: 0 to 100%, , Input signal: 14-20mA/0-100/min pulse signal, Output signal: 4-20mA, stuitable for DM and DB diaphragm metering pump supplied by SIKOPUMP.

7-3 Metering Pump Calibration Column

Metering pump calibration column in PVC and stainless steel material, capacity 50 to 30000mL, material in PVC or stainless steel, protection jacket available.

7-4. Metering Pump Pulsation Damper

Metering pump Pulsation Damper, volume max to 16L, material in PVC, carbon steel and stainless steel. Three types: air pulsation damper, diaphragm pulsation damper and bladder pulsation damper

7-5. Safety Relief Valve & Back Pressure Valve

Metering pump safety relief valve, back pressure valve, material in PVC, PTFE, SS304, SS316 and carbon steel., connection size from DN6 to DN100.

7-6. Metering Pump Valves and Filter

Metering pump valves and filters, for example, the Y filter, bottom valve with strainer, one-way valve (or check valve), material can be in PVC, SS304, SS316 PTFE, connection size: DN10, DN15, DN25, DN32, DN40

7-7. Metering Pump Tank

Metering pump tank, chemical dosing tank, material in Polyethylene food grade, capacity max to 3000L, can be in square and round shape.

7-8. Metering pump mixer

Metering pump mixer, or metering pump agitator, suitable for the tank/drum volume 100L to 10000L, wet part material SS304, SS316, or carbon steel coated with plastic.