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7-8. Metering pump mixer

Metering pump mixer, or metering pump agitator, suitable for the tank/drum volume 100L to 10000L, wet part material SS304, SS316, or carbon steel coated with plastic.

Metering pump mixer

Metering pump mixer is also called metering pump agitator.
It is widely used in the metering packaged system.

It composite with three parts:
a. the motor;
b. the shaft;
c. and the paddles.

SIKOPUMP can supply the mixers, which are suitable for a large metering tank or drum, from 100L to 10000L.

Wet part Material for the mixer:

The shaft and paddles can be in SS304/SS316/carbon steel plastic coated.

The direct gear reduce motor is SIKOPUMP standard supply.
Lower noise and easy maintenance.

Another type is the cycloidal pin gear speed reducer.
This type has lower cost. If clients request, SIKOPUMP can also provide it.

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