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7-7. Metering Pump Tank

Metering pump tank, chemical dosing tank, material in Polyethylene food grade, capacity max to 3000L, can be in square and round shape.

Metering Pump Tank

Metering pump tank, chemical pump dosing tank.
The tank can be equipped with metering pump, mixer and other accessories.


1. Tough texture: Polyethylene food grade LLDPE is used as the main raw material for rotational molding. It is light and tough, easy to handle, shockproof and impact resistant.
2. strong resistance to chemicals: excellent resistance to various types of acids and bases.
3. beautiful and easy to clean: the shape of the streamline is not easy to be dirty, can easily remove dirt.
4. long life: the barrel body is formed without joints, not easy to break.
5. heat and frost resistance: high temperature and freeze resistance, 80°C to minus 40°C can be used.
6. easy to customize: color specifications can be customized according to customer needs.

The top of the dosing box is equipped with a mixer and metering pump  design. It is used for dosing  of water treatment and purification equipment, environmental protection, water softening system, dosing system and other industries.

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