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  • DP mini diaprhagm pump
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  • DP DC motor diaphragm pump

5-3 DP mini diaphragm pump

DP mini DC motor diaprhagm pump, max capacity to 13L/min, max pressure 150PSI, motor in 12V or 24V, brushless DC motor. with Built-in pressure switch. CE certificated.

DP mini diaphragm pump

MP pump is a kind of DC motor diaprhagm pump, motor can be in 12VDC or 24VDC
SIKOPUMP is a leading DC motor mini diaprhagm pump supplier and manufacturer from China.
The DP diaprhagm  pump is CE certificated.


  • Portable and simple installation
  • Self-suction capability and dry running
  • Built-in pressure switch and over flow drain valve
  • Corrosive-resistant material
  • Low noise, quiet and reliable DC power operation.
  • Brushless motor voltage, DC12V or 24V
  • High pressure, max to 130PSI
  • Medium temperature up to 70C

Product Overview 

DP mini diaphragm pump operates using two opposing floating discs with seats that respond to the diaphragm motion. This process results in a quiet and reliable pumping action. Higher efficiency of the pump is evident in the longer lifer of the motor pump unit.
These DC motor diaphragm pumps have excellent self-priming capability and can be run dry without damage, Rated to 160 Deg. F (70 Deg. C).
No metal parts come in contact with materials being pumped; diaphragms and check valves are available in Viton, Santoprene or Buna-N construction. So these mini diaphragm pumps are great chemically resistant.
DP mini diaphragm pumps prime within seconds of turning the pump on; prime is maintained by two check valves (one on either side).Separated from the motor, the pump body contains no machinery parts, so pump can be in dry running condition for a short while.
A built-in pressure switch insides the pump can automatically stop the pump, when the pressure reach a setting data.

DP diaphragm pump material

DP diaphragm pump specification

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