• E-stroke capacity contoller
  • Milton Roy E-stroke
  • metering pump E-stroke

7-2. Milton Roy E-stroker

E-stroke digital stroke controller, Adjustment range: 0 to 100%, , Input signal: 14-20mA/0-100/min pulse signal, Output signal: 4-20mA, stuitable for DM and DB diaphragm metering pump supplied by SIKOPUMP.

Milton Roy E-stroker

The milton Roy e-stroke controller changes the position of the stroke adjustment screw by receiving an input signal.
Thereby changing the length of each stroke of the metering pump for automatic control purpose.
SIKOPUMP can supply the E-stroke digital stroke controller.
So far, the E-stroker controller is used in DM and DB diaphragm metering pump.
We can also provide a kind of  stroke controller in Chinese brand as an instead.

Features and Benefits:

• Digital circuit design
• Adjustment range: 0-100%
• Pump flow displayed in rate or percentage
• Superior accuracy, flow calibration function available
• Accept pulse signal (0~100/min pulse signal)
• Accept remote automatic control (signal of 4-20 mA)
• Easy selector for auto or manual control
• Real-time feedback of stoke position and the control signal
• Stroke percentage value is displayed by mechanical dial when power shuttled
• Controller has a manual adjustment mechanism to be able to use in the power stoppage to adjust the stroke position
• External plug-in wiring, easy of installation
• Low maintenance design

E-stroker specification

Metering pump stroke controller is controlled by micro-processor, with variable stroke length to adjust the pump flow.
The metering pump stroke controller can be adjusted according to the stroke length.
The adjustment range of the stroke length is 0% to 100%. (suggested range 30% to 100%).
Just contact SIKOPUMP for more information.

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