• DJ diaphragm dosing pump
  • DJ metering pump accessories
  • DJ dosing pump accessories
  • DJ metering pump packing

High quality carton will be arranged for the DJ diaphragm metering pump packing. 
Duplex carton with the extra arrangement make sure the safety during the international shipment.
There is an extra foam-lined box insides the inner carton box

There will be a separate inner carton for each DJ metering pump. 
The pump accessories will be also put insides the individual carton.
The free provided accessories for the pump capacity below 40L/H, including: 
High-quality PE hose, standard 3m; Injection valve; Foot valve with filter; Ceramic weight. 

Two or four pumps will be put in a big external carton box.

Refer to the packing size document for the DJ pump exact packing size.