• HD hydraulic metering pump
  • HD hydraulic diaphragm metering pump

4-4. HD hydraulic metering pump

Capacity to 2860l/h(50Hz), 3360l/h(60Hz); Pump pressure to 35Mpa; Pump head material can be in SS304, SS316 and SS316L, Motor can be in 50Hz/60Hz

HD hydraulic metering pump

HD pump is a kind of motor driven hydraulic diaprhagm pump.
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Main Technical Details

  • Flowrate up to 2800L/H(50Hz), 3360L/H(60Hz)
  • Pressure up to 35Mpa
  • Accuracy: ± 1% of rated flow from 30% to 100% stroke.
  • Maximum temperature of pumped liquid: 100℃.
  • Liquid viscosity: 0.3 to 800mm/s.
  • Adjustment by manual or remote signal.
  • Pump stroke length 40mm.

Features & Benefits

  • Hydraulic actuated diaphragm metering pump design.
  • SS304, SS316 and SS316L liquid-end material, suitable for high pressure chemicals.
  • Pump diaphragm in PTFE multi-layer type, long service time and high accuracy.
  • Oil bath gear lubrication eliminates the maintenance required by auxiliary oil systems.
  • Lockable micrometer stroke, adjustment can be adjusted while pump is running or stopped.
  • Together with the variable speed drive or stroke controller, the automatic operation is achieved.
  • Integral built-in hydraulic relief valve and bleed valve, as protection against overload.
  • Suitable for the corrosive, flammable, explosive and toxic chemicals in high pressure condition.
  • Duplex or triplex heads are available. Multiplex gear box with one motor drive.
  • Double diaphragm with leakage alarm device is available.

Motor Optional

  • Power supply: standard in 3 phase/50Hz/380, 4 poles motor.
  • 60Hz/440V or other voltage motor available.
  • Enclosure of protection, IP55, Insulation, class F, IEC standard.
  • Other motor options: explosion proof motor and variable frequency motor.

Flow Adjustment

By the manual micrometer.
By the variable frequency motor together with the inverter or other variable speed drive.

Double Diaphragm with Leakage Alarm Device

When for the toxic & explosive liquid, double diaphragm with diaphragm rupture detecting system is available.
It can always monitor the leakage; once the diaphragm ruptures, it can alarm in 0.2 to 6 second, and stop the pump immediately.
metering pump rupture detecting system

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H hydraulic metering pump material

More than 8000h service life for the pump diaphragm!

Pump diaphragm is in Quality PTFE; Totally five layers combined together.
There are overload/limit/supply valve for the hydraulic oil, to satisfy the hydraulic oil supply, to avoid the hydraulic impact and to balance two sides pressure of the pump diaphragm.

metering pump diaprhagm

HD Hydraulic metering pump specification

HD Hydraulic metering pump specification

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