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Technology Information for the Piston/plunger Metering Pump

WORKING PRINCIPLE                                                                                                                                


   Plunger metering pumps, which are also called piston metering pumps, is positive displacement metering pumps that displace a given amount of fluid on each cycle stroke of operation .The reciprocating motion of a plunger, with a ball check valves on each side of the pump body, creates the pumping action.

   The packed plunger style liquid end is the only liquid end in which the piston is in direct contact with the process fluid. This direct contact offers a number of advantages, including: high suction and discharge pressure capabilities; high temperature resistance, and lowest NPSH requirements. The reciprocating piston requires packing to seal the wetted parts from the atmosphere. This simple design is effective, but places limitations on the use of packed plunger pumps in certain applications. Because piston metering pump need a packing seal. It is not compete seal without leakage for the piston metering dosing pump(or plunger metering dosing pump)


STRUCTURE AND MATERIAL                                                                                                                    

  1. Pump head: SS304, SS316, SS304 lined PTFE.

  2. Metering valve: SS304, SS316.

  3. Ball valve: Silicon dioxide,SS304,SS316,Ceramic.

  4. Packing seal: PTFE.

  5. Motor: 50Hz/ or 60HZ, explosion-proof type available.

OPITIONAL MANUFACTURING                                                                                                                  

1. PTFE lined pump head material: If the handing liquid has strong corrosion again stainless steel, a PTFE lined pump is a good replacement. All the pump wet part will be lined with the PTFE material.

2. Double metering pump head type pump: With double pump head, pump can reach twice capacity as the single pump head type.

3. Heating (or cooling) jacket: To heat or cool the handing liquid, MPP pump can be added the heating/cooling device and their connection valve and flange. Heating media can be hot water, air, steam and so on.

4. Remote control system:Outside 4-20mA signal can be inputted into dosing pump to control the pump operation.






The plunger metering pump is easy, economic with metering accuracy; seal method should be carefully chosen and maintained. The MPP plunger/piston metering pump is suitable for the high pressure situation during the technique progress of many areas such as:

Waste water treatment, environment protection, petroleum and natural gas, chemical industry, metallurgy and mines, pharmacy and medication, power plant, paper making, food industry, printing and dyeing, laboratory, nuclear power and military industry. 

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