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Technology Information for the Diaphragm Metering Pump

WORKING PRINCIPLE                                                                                                                                


   Mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump operate with a plunger directly attached to the diaphragm. This attachment generally takes place from a bolt and clamp being placed through the plunger and through the diaphragm. The direct attachment of the position to the diaphragm connects the metering pump's drive and motor to the liquid end. The motion of the metering pump drive moves the plunger back and forth, thereby causing suction from the supply tank and pumping the fluid of choice through the attached conveyance infrastructure. Maximum life of the pump can be achieved by replacing the diaphragm at the recommended service interval.

  The diaphragm metering dosing pump has been developed for handling corrosive liquids and those containing suspensions of abrasive solids. It is in two sections separated by a diaphragm. In one section a piston or plunger operates in a cylinder in which a non-corrosive fluid is displaced. The movement of the fluid is transmitted by means of flexible diaphragm to the liquid to be pumped. The only moving parts of the dosing pump that are in contact with the liquid are the valves, and these can be specially designed to handle the material.  

STRUCTURE AND MATERIAL                                                                                                                        

  1. Pump head: SS304, SS16, PVC, PTFE.

  2. Metering valve: SS304, SS316.

  3. Ball valve: Silicon dioxide,SS304,SS316,Ceramic.

  4. Diaphragm: Quality PTFE.

  5. Motor: 50Hz/ or 60HZ, explosion-proof type available. 

OPITIONAL MANUFACTURING                                                                                                                  

1. Different Pump Head Material: SS304, SS316, PTFE, PVC.

2. Double diaphragm and alarm system: Suitable for delivering viscous, poisonous, corrosive liquid, if one diaphragm broke, pump will stop and send out an alarm.

3. Double pump head type: With double pump head, pump capacity is twice about the single type one.

4. Remote control system: Outside 4-20mA signal can be inputted into pump to control the pump operation.







   Economical and reliable, with mechanical actuated diaphragm, the MPD series is an ideal solution for industrial applications where chemicals have to be pumped safely at low pressure. A very low maintenance is one of the main reasons to choose this model. It is widely used for Corrosive, hazardous liquid. But this pump pressure can be no very high.

   Industry area: such as waste water treatment, environment protection, petroleum and natural gas, chemical industry, metallurgy and mines, pharmacy and medication, power plant, paper making, food industry, printing and dyeing, laboratory, nuclear power and military industry.

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