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GENERAL SPECIFICATON                      
Max capacity range: 8 l/m to 380 l/m(50Hz), 9 m/l to 130 l/m(60Hz).
Max head range: 1 m to 22 m(50Hz), 1.4 m to 14 m(60Hz)
Power range: 3 w to 2.2 kw.
Connection size: thread:0.75 inch to 2 inch, tube:14 mm to 26 mm.            
Motor: 50Hz/60Hz, 220V/110V/380V/440V, 1phase/3 phase.
Material: PP plastic(standard) or PTFE

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW                                                                                 

   MDP Magnetic driving centrifugal pump operation is similar to a standard centrifugal pump except the motor shaft seal is eliminated. Instead, magnetic driving pumps are designed to isolate the wet end of the hydraulic circuit from the motor by driving an impeller and magnet assembly with a radial or axial drive magnet assembly attached to the motor shaft. Motor torque is transmitted by the drive magnet through a plastic housing that separates the driven impeller magnet from the fluid being pumped. Leaks caused by shaft seal failure are eliminated. The end result is a more efficient seal-less centrifugal pump that will not leak and is capable of achieving up to 50 thousand hours of continuous duty operation.

   The impeller shaft and bearing system features an excellent combination of inert materials of construction to handle the most aggressive of chemicals and cooling passages designed to use the pumped liquid as a lubricating coolant. SIKO uses ceramic shafts with either Teflon or ceramic thrust bearings as standard materials for each magnetic driving pump line. These robust features add tremendously to the chemical compatibility and overall life of the magne drive pump to make it virtually maintenance free.

   Impellers and pump bodies are designed to produce efficient flow and head characteristics required in today's applications. The hydraulic designs, coupled with motors specifically designed for the pump end, means less power consumption for the work performed.



    No Shaft seal: This MDP magnetic drive pump uses the magnetic drive method, eliminating problems caused by liquid leakage, so it is 100 % No leakage

    Easy Maintenance: The magnetic driving pump assembly consists of only a few unified simple parts. Therefore maintenance, disassembling and inspection are very easy to perform.

   Compact Size: Consisting of several unitized parts, with both thread and tube connection available, it only a very small space for installation and maintenance.

   Chemical Resistance: Using superior corrosion resistant parts manufactured from PP, ceramics, PTFE, and FKM. Therefore, they can be used to transfer strong acids and various other chemicals.


DETAILED MODEL                                                                                                                                      



 Model: MDP-6, MDP-6H, MDP-10, Max capacity: 5.5 to 11l/m(50Hz), 6 to 12l/m(60Hz), Max head: 1 to 2.1m(50HZ), 1.4 to 2.7m(60Hz), Connection size: thread type(no model), tube type: 14mm, power: 3 or 6w, single phase. 

Online catalogue:  (50Hz)  (60Hz)

 Model: MDP-15(M), magdrive centrifugal pump, Max capacity:16l/m(50Hz), 19l/m(60Hz), Max head:2.7 m(50HZ), 3.4m(60Hz), Connection size: thread type: 0.75 inch, tube type: 16mm, power: 10w, single phase. 

Online catalogue:  (50H)  (60Hz)

 Model: MDP-20(M), MDP-20H(M), MDP-20L(M), magnet sealless pump, Max capacity:10 to 46 l/m(50Hz), 11 to 52l/m(60Hz), Max head: 1.8 to 4.6 m(50HZ), 2.5 to 6.9m(60Hz), Connection size: thread type: 0.75 or 1 inch, tube type: 18 or 26mm, power: 20w, single phase.

Online catalogue:  (50Hz)  (60Hz)

 Model: MDP-30(M), MDP-30H(M), MDP-30L(M), Max capacity:15 to 62 l/m(50Hz), 17 to 72l/m(60Hz), Max head: 2.9 to 8 m(50HZ), 4.1 to 11m(60Hz), Connection size: thread type: 0.75 or 1 inch, tube type: 18, 20 or 26mm, power: 45w, single phase. 

Online catalogue:  (50Hz)  (60Hz)

 Model: MDP-40(M), MDP-40L(M), magnet drive centrifugal pump, Max capacity:45, 75l/m(50Hz), 52, 85l/m(60Hz), Max head: 3.3, 4.6m(50HZ), 4.7, 6.5m(60Hz), Connection size: thread connection type: 0.75 or 1 inch, tube connection  type: 20 or 26mm, power: 65w, single phase. 

Online catalogue:  (50Hz)   (60Hz)

 Model: MDP-55(M), MDP-55H(M), magnetic driving centrifugal pump, Max capacity:25, 60l/m(50Hz), 28, 70l/m(60Hz), Max head: 5.6, 10m(50HZ), 8.2, 14m(60Hz), Connection size: thread connection  type: 1 inch, tube connection  type: 26mm, power: 90w, single phase or three phase. 

Online catalogue:  (50Hz)   (60Hz)

 Model: MDP-70(M), magnetic drive centrifugal pump. Max capacity: 86l/m(50Hz), 97l/m(60Hz), Max head: 6.7m(50HZ), 9.7m(60Hz), Connection size: thread connection type: 1 inch, tube connection type: 26mm, power: 150w, single phase or three phase. 

Online catalogue:  (50Hz)   (60Hz)

Model: MDP-100(M), MDP-100LM, MDP-120M, Max capacity: 120 to 220l/m(50Hz), Max head: 8.6 to 10.5m(50HZ), Connection size: thread connection type: 1, 1.5, 2.25 inch, tube connection  type:(no model), power: 250w, single phase or three phase. 

Online catalogue:  (50Hz)   (60Hz) 

 Model: MDP-400M, MDP-401M, MDP-422M, MDP-423M, magnetic driving centrifugal pump. Max capacity: 170 to 380l/m(50Hz), Max head: 12.5 to 22m(50HZ), Connection size: thread type: 1.5, 2 inch, tube type:(no model), power: 370 to 2200w, single phase or three phase. 

Online catalogue:  (50Hz)

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