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   There are a lot of pump types, which can be used as a chemical handing pump, here we list some of them. And, if fact, SIKOPUMP can only supply a very small parts of chemical pumps, really, we just supply the small chemical handing pump.

   Gear type pump

   Fluid is trapped between the teeth of two or three rotating gears. Gear pumps are good for high system-pressure applications and are often magnetically driven. 



   Centrifugal type pump

   A rotating vanned disk attached to a drive shaft moves fluid without pulsation as it spins. The outlet can be restricted without damaging the pump.

   It is divided in to shaft seal centrifugal pump and no shaft seal centrifugal pump. Please refer to our seal less magnetic drive pump -MDP PUMP model(click here)

   Diaphragm type pump

   Pulsations of one or two flexible diaphragms displace liquid while check valves control the direction of the fluid flow.

   We have four types of diaphragm pumps so far. a. mechanical diaphragm metering pump-MPD PUMP(click here), b. hydraulic diaphragm metering pump-MPH PUMP( click here),c. solenoid diaphragm metering pump-MPE PUMP(click here), d. mini DC motor diaphragm pump-DP PUMP(click here).

   Bellows type pump

   These type pumps move fluid through a reciprocating bellows cavity that is coupled to a driving rod.

   Refer to our bellows metering dosing pump-(DZDS Pump, click here). 



   Peristaltic(tubing) type pump

   Fluid only contacts the tubing—rollers of a motor-driven pump head push the fluid along the tubing as they rotate. Noncontaminating and easy to clean.

   We will soon explore this kind of model pump in the future


   Piston type pump

   Rotating pistons of varying stroke lengths pump fluids through check valves. Good for high-pressure applications.

   We have a kind of piston/plunger metering pump-MPP Pump(click here)


   Rotary type pump

  A rotary vane pump is a positive-displacement pump that consists of vanes mounted to a rotor that rotates inside of a cavity.

   We will soon explore this kind of model pump in the future


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