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There is a lot of area/industry, where there is a need for the chemical handling pumps, here is some examples:

 Food & Beverage

a. Chemical treatment of food process oils prior to centrifuging
b. Blending ingredients in manufacture of mustard, mayonnaise and salad dressings
c. Oil addition to peanuts
d. Metering vitamins to many food products, including milk
e. Adding preservatives to citrus juices, jellies, jams, etc.
f. Addition of flavoring oils to flour, cake, and pie mixes
g. Spraying coatings and flavoring to dry cereals
h. Adding melted nutmeg butter to edible meat by-products



a. Handling various slurries,
b. Metering various leaching chemicals - solvent extraction, 
c. PH control of crushed slurred ore,
d. Metering depressing agents, Metering of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) for neutralizing,
e.  Flotation reagents, xanthenes, amino-benzenes, pine oil, etc. in copper separation,
f. Spraying ore (coal, etc.) for dust control,
g. Handling corrosive solvents and acids in extraction processes

  Paints & Dyes

a. Addition of titanium dioxide slurries, pigments, etc.
b. Filling special containers,
c. Rationing ingredients to ink mixes,
e. Metering inks and various pigments during printing








a. Metering additives for bacteria control of water for well flooding 
b. Chemical desalting of crude (crude oil emulsions)
c. Caustic soda to crude oils or soured gasoline for rerun through cracking stills
d. Sampling feed stock, jet fuels, gasoline, and intermediates for analysis 
e. Metering sludge inhibitors for fuel oils
f. Metering metal deactivators (antioxidants) to eliminate gum formations in gasoline
g. Metering caustics to adjust pH of sour gas or crude oil to cut down on corrosion
h. Jet fuel anti-icing additives
i. Rationing antifoam, E.P. additives to lubricants
j. Metering antiknock additives and alcohol to gasoline
k. Pilot plant pumps for high and low pressure experimental applications
l. Adding lubricants to gas lines

 Pulp & Paper

a. Metering colorants
b. Metering coagulants
c. Metering wire life extenders to paper machines
d. Addition of sulfuric acid or alum for pH control of pulp
e. Titanium dioxide addition to pulp for opacity control in thin papers
f. Handling Colin slurries as paper filler
g. Rationing of ingredients in preparation of chlorine dioxide bleach




  Water Treatment

a. Anionic and cationic polymer injection for phosphate removal, coagulation and filtration
b. Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) metering for metal removal, pH control, and cyanide removal
c. Ferric chloride and alum injection for coagulation
d. Metering of lime slurries for pH control (corrosion control) and coagulation
e. Sodium hypochlorite injection for caustic and cyanide removal and disinfection
f. Metering activated carbon or diatomaceo 



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