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Technology Information for the Bellows Metering Pump

WORKING PRINCIPLE                                                                                                                                


   The Bellows Metering Pumps operate on a positive displacement principle. The rotation of the motor shaft is transmitted into an up and down motion through a lever pivot crank mechanism. This motion provides a continuous squeezing and relaxing force on a bellows module, forcing fluid in and out of the module. Discharge pressure is maintained over the entire flow range of the bellows pump.

STRUCTURE AND MATERIAL                                                                                                                    



  Item 1. Body, Material: PP, Qty(2)

  Item 2. Poppet valve, Material: EPDM or FPM, Qty(2)

  Item 3. Bellows, Material: PP, Qty(1)

  Item 4. Conn. rod, Material: PP or POM, Qty(1)

  Item 5. Spindle, Material: SS304, Qty(1)

  Item 6. Crank(B), Material: SS304/POM, Qty(1)

  Item 7. Crank(A), Material:SS304/POM, Qty(1)

  Item 8. Nut, Material:PP, Qty(2)

  Item 9. End house, Material:ABS, Qty(1)

  Item 10. Base, Material:PP or PA66, Qty(1)

  Item 11. Motor, Qty(1)









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