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GENERAL SPECIFICATON                        
Max capacity range: 30 ml/min to 2300 ml/min
Max pressure range: 0.1 Bar to 0.9 Bar
Connection size: 9 mm(0.35 inch).
Speed: 10 to 108 rpm
Bellow diameter size: 20 mm and 40 mm
No. of bellows: single, double, three and four.                                         

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW                                                                                 

    DZ/DS/DZR Bellows metering pumps operate on a positive displacement principle. These metering dosing pumps are designed to displace both corrosive and non-corrosive fluids. Accurate to ± 0.5% from stroke to stroke, when pump is set 50% to 100% of full stroke.  Available with either EPDM or FKM elastomers, the self-priming and corrosion resistant features help provide the reliable, continuous duty throughout a variety of chemical dosing applications.

   These Bellows Metering Pumps have a compact design saves space, allowing manufacturers to reduce the overall size, weight and cost of their finished products. Small dimensions also permit them to fit into extremely tight areas. 

   A high-efficiency motor drives an adjustable cam which operated the bellows. This simple mechanism provides virtually silent, accurate operation with no maintenance required.



   No leakage: There is no mechanical sealing position, no leakage exists.

   Precision of outlet: +/- 1.5% high precision can be achieved at the condition of clean water.

   Self-suction: Suction range is 1 meter at the condition of normal atmosphere, temperature and clean water.

   Allowed to dry rotation: For working chamber bag consists of bellows, dry rotation is allowed.

  Long service life: The chamber is made from polypropylene that is anti-winding and special prescription; it can withstand countless reciprocating motion.

   Anti-corrosion: Pump body is made from polypropylene; valve adopts special EPDM, FPM, resisting various acid, alkali and etc. corrosive liquids. 

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