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  The Technology center is to help our clients to know more tech information about our chemical handling pump. Just as like its name, chemical handing pump is used to transferred/delivered all kinds of chemical liquids. They are a lot of pump types, which can handle with the corrosive liquid.

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  As a specialized chemical pump manufacturer/supplier in China, SIKO, can supply a few kinds of small chemical pump so far, such as: mag-drive centrifugal pump(magnet drive pump), metering pump, metering dosing pump, diaphragm pump, rotary pump and so on. Click the pictures or links to know the pump principle, material for each pump lines.

MDP seal-less magnetic drive pump uses magnet torque to transmit energy from the motor to the impeller.  A magnet coupling is formed using an inner, or driven magnet, attached to the impeller and an outer, or drive magnet, attached to the motor shaft.  This design eliminates mechanical  ...   More info

 CQ and CQB magnetic drive pump is a kind of magnetically coupled pumps, or magnetic drive pumps, vary from the traditional pumping style, as the motor is coupled to the pump by magnetic means rather than by a direct mechanical shaft. The pump works via a drive magnet, 'driving' the pump rotor... more info 

MPP Plunger metering pumps, which are also called piston metering pumps, is positive displacement metering pumps that displace a given amount of fluid on each cycle stroke of operation .The reciprocating motion of a plunger, with a ball check valves on each side of the pump body, creates ...    More info

MPD Mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump operate with a plunger directly attached to the diaphragm. This attachment generally takes place from a bolt and clamp being placed through the plunger and through the diaphragm. The direct attachment of the position to the diaphragm ... More info

MPH Hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering dosing pump liquid end has a Teflon diaphragm which acts as a barrier between the piston and the process fluid. The piston's pumping motion is applied to hydraulic fluid which causes the diaphragm to flex back and forth as the ...                       More info

MPE Solenoid Dosing Pump (Electromagnetic Meter pump) is controlled by the microprocessor, the stroke length and the working frequency can be changed directly, accordingly lead to control the flow rate, the solenoid metering pump can dose and transfer many kinds of liquid accurately...          More info

QBY Air Operated Diaphragm Pump is a diaphragm pump (also known as a Membrane pump, Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump (AODD) or Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump) is a positive displacement pump that uses a combination of the reciprocating action of a rubber...       More info

DZ/DS Bellows Metering Pumps operate on a positive displacement principle. The rotation of the motor shaft is transmitted into an up and down motion through a lever pivot crank mechanism. This motion provides a continuous squeezing and relaxing force on a bellows module, forcing ...    More info

DP mini diaphragm pumps operate using two opposing floating discs with seats that respond to the diaphragm motion. This process results in a quiet and reliable pumping action. Higher efficiency of the pump is evident in the longer lifer of the motor pump unit. These diaphragm ...            More info

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